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    Electronic Repairs
  • Raymon Brothers
  • Organs and Amplifiers
  • Pickup and drop offs at Deland Discount Music
  • 386 736 6108
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    Band Instruments & Luthier
  • The Red Barn (Pat McLaughlin)
  • Pickup and drop off at Deland Discount Music
  • 352 357 6571
    Band Instruments
  • George Reasor
  • Pickup and drop off at Deland Discount Music
  • 386 734 5622

  • We have some of the finest repairmen in the business, be it keyboard, electronic, trumpet, guitar sax, drum hardware, harp you name it we have a repairman who can fix it.
  • Raymon Brothers is the most qualified electronics and organ repairman in the Volusia and Lake County area. He is a certified MTA technician and is certified as a MASTER TECHNICIAN by Wurlitzer as well. Ramon has been in business since 1978 and has warranty authorizations for many manufacturers including CRATE, FENDER, KORG, ROLAND, KURZWEIL, RODGERS, TECHNICS, LOWERY, HAMMOND SUZUKI, YAMAHA, AMPEG, and many more. He is well versed in repairs of everything from an effects box to a large church organ and is qualified to service WURLITZER PEAVEY, GIBSON, SUNN, FARFISA, MACKIE,ROSS, BOGEN, VISCOUNT, CONN, KIMBALL, GEM, BALDWIN, AMPEG, GULBRANSON, VOX, UNIVOX, BONTEMPI and many more.

  • Pat McLaughlin of the Red Barn has been servicing Lake, Volusia and Marion Counties for the past 20 years in repairs of all band instruments and any instrument made of wood as well. He will even do accordion repairs.

  • Jack M Hays is our newest member of our staff and is a qualified piano tuner as well. Jack and his wife are very active at St Barnabas Church were his wife is the music director. Jack can be reached at 386 668 0671

  • If it can't be fixed by any of the above George Reasor can do it. George does an excellent job on band instruments and is a highly qualified machinist. If you have a part broke on your drums, steel guitar etc. George can come up with a fix. We have even watch George build a luxury car almost from scratch including the upholstering. he has a solution for any problem. George and I have even turned $100.00 instrument repairs into $35.00 with a little inventiveness from Gorge and push from us.