Jimmy Lee Walker
We are proud to have Jimmy as our guitar instructor at Deland Discount Music. "Jimmie is one of the finest guitar players I have ever worked with (David of Deland Discount Music and Boots & Barstools))

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If you want to hear one of the worlds finest guitar players you'll just have to stop out to the Rockin'' Ranch in Ormond beach where you will find Jimmie every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night Jimmie also is a staff musician at the Daytona Opry. We were honored to have Jimmie with us in the Boots & Barstools band for over a year considering he has played with some of the finest entertainers in the business. Among his credits Jimmie has worked with the Statler Brothers (at the Golden Nugget in Vegas) Lefty Frizell, George Morgan ( Candy Kisses) He has even done some gigs with Dickie Betts Curly Chaulker (Steel guitar) Thumbs Carlise and Charlie Daniels. Jimmie does a great impersonation of Bill Anderson, so much that Bill wanted to use him for a backup in case he got a sore throat. Jimmie has been on radio TV and done many recording sessions in Nashville, he also has written a book called "Count 1 2 3 4 To Play The Guitar" it is on sale at Deland Discount Music for only $10.00. Once again we are proud to have Jimmie as our Guitar instructor.

Jimmy Lee Endorses Crate Amps

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Uptown Downtown, in the country and all points in between... Now whatever type, style or variety of music you play, CRATE has designed and built the ultimate amplifier with it's DBX Series to give you the sounds you want and need. From the warm, mellow sounds of the 335 and Les Paul, to the biting, twang sound of the Telecaster, everything in between and beyond. After playing professionally for over 30 years, I am required to play a variety of music from Jazz, Pop, 50's- Today's Top 40 and Rock N Roll, Swing, Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel. The sound I need is there at a touch with the DBX!!! If you are a beginner or a seasoned professiona, CRATE has designed and built an amplifier specifically for your special and personal needs. From musicians all over the world, I say, "THANK YOU, CRATE!!!"

Jimmie L. Walker